Who We Are

Who We Are

Care of Creation Kenya (CCK) is a missions organization and registered NGO that combines efforts in caring for God’s creation with a commitment to fulfilling the Great Commandment (Matt 22: 37-39) and the Great Commission (Matt 28: 19-20).

WatotoWeeding4A-74Similar to medical or agricultural missions, our ministry is a vision casting, training and discipleship ministry that seeks to demonstrate the fullness of Christ’s love to people, both physically and spiritually.

Africa today is afflicted by a wide range of environmental concerns that intensify the suffering of people and perpetuate the problems of hunger, disease, and death.  Our goal is to stimulate and equip Christians to effectively address these concerns.  Maintaining the integrity and goodness of what God has created is essential to the well-being of people.

CCK’s hope is that vast numbers of God’s people (believers and church leaders) will capture and implement a God-centered vision for their land, and that such a vision will enhance the Christ-like witness of the Church.

CCK is the Kenyan branch of Care of Creation USA, which was formed in 2005 to bring together two important themes:  Love for God’s people, and love for God’s creation.

Care of Creation USA is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax-exempt.