Vision and Hope for Africa

The Scriptures remind us that the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord (Ps 24:1) and that Christ our Savior is the Creator of all things (Col 1:16).  Since Jesus is Lord of all the earth this truth raises important questions for Christians across the world. 

  • How should Christians respond to issues of environmental decay that often perpetuate hunger, poverty, disease, and other forms of human suffering? 
  • How should the church teach and equip its members to become excellent stewards of God’s good creation? 
  • How can creation care be a strategic tool for transforming people in their walk with Christ, for healing broken landscapes, for uplifting the plight of the poor, and for bringing people hope for today?
  • How can creation care help to fulfill the Great Commission?

Women and Children

Our vision and hope for women and children…is that women and children will live out their faith and honor God as active agents working to restore creation; people who set the example for others through tree-planting, the use of Fire-less cookers, and other creation-care solutions.  We dream of a day when women will no longer need to travel far from home to gather ever dwindling sources of firewood.  And we dream of children who can confidently look to a hopeful future free from hunger.


Our vision and hope for farmers…is that they will look to the First Farmer and capture a God-centered vision for becoming the best possible stewards of their agricultural lands.  We want to see farmers breaking free from the yoke of dependency; farmers who are developing a passion for restoring their soils and for managing their farms sustainably; farmers who have a commitment to make their gardens as diverse and beautiful as God’s garden (seen in Genesis 2); and farmers who lovingly reach out to inspire their neighbors do the same.


Our vision and hope for churches…is that pastors, elders, bible study groups and ministry teams will be equipped to play a significant role in guiding their fellow Christians into a biblical vision for creation care.  We believe the church has a profound opportunity to disciple believers on this topic and for multiplying this vision into others.  Meeting 52 times a year the Church offers the most strategic venue for enlisting millions into efforts that integrate creation care with the Gospel.  Every church in Kenya, for example, should have an indigenous tree nursery so that people have easy access to the seedlings needed to restore our forests.

Seminaries and Mission Agencies

Our vision and hope for seminaries and mission agencies…is that Christian institutions of all kinds would develop courses (or outreach efforts) that combine creation care and the Gospel with a community development emphasis.  We envision these programs to be theologically robust and scientifically sound, designed to help people grow in Christ and have victory over the problem of dependency; efforts which motivate them to care for their land and to discover solutions to their own problems with their own resources.  The same idea can apply to evangelical mission agencies.

Unreached/unengaged people groups

Our vision and hope for unreached or unengaged people groups…Many unreached people groups live in remote or drought prone parts of the world characterized by environmental degradation and resource scarcity.  Mission strategies designed to bring healing to the creation, where grasslands, forests, water, and food supplies are restored, will be welcomed with open arms, and potential barriers to the Gospel can be broken down as Christ’s love is demonstrated practically on the ground.

God's Creation

Our vision and hope for the rest of God’s creation….is that people would honor Christ in caring for all the dimensions of his creation and lead the world by example in responding appropriately to a creation that groans; that people would value and respect what rightfully belongs to our Lord and that restoration would come to degraded forests, polluted waters, dwindling wildlife populations, and barren soils.