Transforming Leaders by Combining Biblical Training with Practical Solutions

Our work is primarily a ministry of training, discipleship, and mindset transformation for Christian leaders, where a biblical worldview is the central theme integrated into a variety of creation care topics and practical solutions.  

A typical training conducted by CCK involves three elements: 

  1. A scientific review of the environmental issue (or issues) at hand.
  2. A clear review of biblical principles highlighting why Christians should be actively involved.
  3. A clear review of practical solutions.  

Training events vary from a few hours, a full day, and include 2-3 day conferences, depending on the needs of a particular group or audience.  For church and community leaders from across Kenya and from different countries in East Africa, week long Creation Care and Farming God’s Way conferences are normally held five times a year starting on Tuesday and ending on Friday.  

  • Learn more about our trainings and practical solutions… coming soon!
  • Learn more about a biblical worldview of creation care… coming soon!


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