Transforming Local People with Extension Outreach and Practical Solutions 

Our work with local communities surrounding Kijabe is also a ministry of training, discipleship, and mindset transformation, where a biblical worldview is the central theme integrated into our extension outreach efforts.  Our team of extension educators makes regular follow-up visits with individuals, community groups, and schools who are implementing creation care solutions such as tree planting, Farming God’s Way, and women learning to use Fire-less cookers. 

Historically, poverty alleviation and “development” efforts in these communities have focused on the provision of monetary or material gifts, which has led to a growing sense of dependency upon outsiders.  This has often crippled the incentives of local people to discover solutions to their own problems with their own resources, bringing more harm than good. 

CCK seeks to combat the dependency syndrome by recognizing that local people do have unique skills, talents, and resources.  Our outreach efforts do not involve providing handouts or monetary incentives.  Instead, we focus on offering spiritual training, technical assistance, and regular encouragement through follow-up visits to those seeking to improve their community through various creation care solutions. 

Fire-less Cookers

Fire-less cookers are a simple but very helpful technology that helps women to save time, money and improve safety conditions in their home.  Since they dramatically improve the efficiency of using fuels like firewood or charcoal they also help to alleviate deforestation problems.

Bee Keeping

Bees are important pollinators for crops, and instead of cutting down trees for a one-time sale of firewood, keepers who protect their forest can earn money for years to come by selling honey