Our History


The idea for what is now Care of Creation began when Craig Sorley was diagnosed with brain cancer as a college student.  That diagnosis, the surgery that followed, and the influence of a friend named Simon Thomsett, moved him toward a life committed to the people and landscapes of Kenya, where he grew up.  Craig, Tracy, and their two sons moved to Kenya in 2002 to begin what Craig thought of as “environmental missons” (he may have actually coined the term).  Ed Brown, then working with Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, came into the picture at the first God and Creation Conference the Sorley’s organized in Nairobi in 2004.



A year later the Sorleys knew they needed to find or start an organization to promote this new kind of mission work, one that would transform people and the land that sustains them.  Meanwhile, Ed and Susanna found themselves downsized from Au Sable and asking God what he had in mind for them.  An email conversation led to the idea that the Sorleys and the Browns might partner together, and thus, with no funding but lots of faith, Care of Creation was born on April 25, 2005.



From the start, the idea was to disciple and mobilize the church to care for God’s creation.  In Kenya, and now Tanzania as well, this took the form of biblically-based training about forest restoration, then Farming God’s Way, and now includes fireless cookers, bee-keeping and other creation care solutions.  Ed and Craig have both written and published books, articles and curricula designed to further mobilize the church.  In the US and elsewhere, seminars and networking led to productive partnerships with other organizations in the US and the Philippines in particular, and to a lasting partnership with A Rocha International under the banner of the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network, through which Care of Creation has become one of the global leaders in the evangelical creation care movement.