About Us

Our Vision and Hope for Africa

The Scriptures remind us that the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord (Ps 24:1) and that Christ our Savior is the Creator of all things (Col 1:16).  Since Jesus is Lord of all the earth this truth raises some important questions for Christians across the world. 

  • How should we respond to various issues of environmental decay that often perpetuate hunger, poverty, disease, and other forms of human suffering? 
  • How should the church be involved in teaching Christians about environmental issues of our day and to disciple them to become excellent stewards of God’s good creation? 
  • How can creation care be used strategically as a means of transforming people to walk closer with Christ, to transform and heal broken landscapes, to uplift the plight of the poor, and to bring people hope for today?  
  • How can creation care help to fulfill the Great Commission?

Answering these questions lies at the heart of our vision and hope for Africa.  On a continent filled with urgent environmental concerns of many kinds, where communities face chronic hunger, where competition is growing for resources that are becoming scarce, and where farmers often struggle with a sense of hopelessness about the future, Care of Creation Kenya is planting a creation care vision that is God-centered and integrated with the Gospel.  We want to bring people hope for eternity and hope for today.  God has called us to respond to the environmental issues of Africa in a way that demonstrates the love of Christ and which also seeks to heal and sustain the goodness of God’s creation.  

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to pursue a God-centered response to the environmental crisis in Africa which brings glory to the Creator, advances the cause of Christ, and leads to the transformation of people and the land that sustains them.


Our Primary Goals

  1. To transform Christian leaders towards a comprehensive God-centered vision for creation care which embraces the fullness of the Gospel.
  2. To transform local communities, spiritually and physically, in a manner that brings healing to broken relationships and healing to the environmental landscapes that sustain them.
  3. To equip, mentor, and multiply quality trainers who can effectively spread the vision to others.


Our History

For a brief history of Craig Sorley’s struggle with cancer and how this event and his relationship with Ed Brown gave birth to this ministry click here. (coming soon)


CCK Core Values

To read about our core values click here. (coming soon)

Our Work

Biblical and Practical Training Combined

Our work in East Africa is primarily a ministry of training and discipleship where a biblical worldview is the central theme that is integrated into a variety of important creation care topics.

Since the earth is created, sustained, and will be fully redeemed by Christ (Col 1:16-20), and since Christ commanded us to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matt 22:37-39), all Christians have a divine obligation to honor Christ in our treatment of creation.  We cannot claim to love God (or our neighbor) while also participating in activities that degrade, destroy, or pollute the resources of creation.  Our responsibility, therefore, is a profound one, and we must seriously consider how our treatment of creation will impact people both now and into the future.  Biblical concepts like this are foundational to all of CCK’s training efforts.

A typical training conducted by CCK involves three key elements:

  1. A scientific review of the environmental issue (or issues) at hand.
  2. A clear review of biblical principles highlighting why Christians should be involved.
  3. A clear review of practical solutions related to that topic.  

Training events vary from a few hours, a full day, and include 3-4 days conferences, depending on the needs of a particular group or audience.  Creation Care and Farming God’s Way conferences are normally held four to five times a year starting on Tuesday and ending on Friday.

To read more about a biblical worldview of creation care click here. (coming soon)