Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue a God-centered response to the environmental crisis in Africa that brings glory to the Creator, advances the cause of Christ, and leads to the transformation of people and the land that sustains them.

Our Primary Goals 

  • To transform Christian leaders towards a comprehensive God-centered vision for creation care which embraces the fullness of the Gospel.
  • To transform local people and communities, both spiritually and physically, in a manner that brings healing to broken relationships and healing to the environmental landscapes that sustain them.
  • To equip, mentor, and multiply quality trainers who can provide effective leadership in spreading the vision to others in East Africa.

Our Vision and Hope for...

Our Work

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Patrick Mureithi Maina

Patrick Mureithi Maina

Reverend, Presbyterian Church of East Africa

I now see how caring for God’s creation can be a very powerful way to disciple our fellow Christians. This was the most significant realization for me as a result of this [Farming God's Way] training.